• You can earn a steady income as a Partner

    Monetise with our partner program

    Our Partner program gives you more ways to turn your networks and skillsets into real revenue and rewards.

  • Three ways to Partner with Us

    Become Our Partner

    Create businesses

    Make referrals to create business and earn cash.

    Consult businesses

    Consult businesses and earn elephant incomes.

    Provide Services

    Provide corporate services and earn even more.

  • Share and earn fees

    Become our Partner and you’ll be paid more than 20% for each new business created. Continue to work with the business owners to earn serious passive income. Stack up more referrals and make much more.

    We will include you in the company dashboards so that you are well aware of where the business is at. We will also provide a bunch of marketing resources and campaigns to make your referrals a breeze. 

  • Turn your consulting skills into new revenue

    Are you a consultant, advisor, finance professional, lawyer or accountant interested in helping to build businesses? Then you'll want to continue to work with us so we can help guide you to bring in new capital sources and protect your rightful share of the business.

  • Provide your best services to them

    Are you a corporate services provider, marketing agency, IT firm, consulting firm or financial advisory seeking new clients? Then join us to work with the business that we have onboarded together. Let these business leverage your expertise and value proposition, and combine that with the stable, transparent and liquid business environment that we can offer. Everyone will then have a good chance of exiting from the business in this manner.

  • Why should you Partner with Us?​

    Become Our Partner

    We can help you or your clients gain a financial exit from Singapore

    We know exactly how to access new markets anywhere in the world

    We protect you, the board, shareholders and stakeholders

  • What real customers are saying about InProved

    "It is splendid working with InProved. From the consulting stage to actually getting the company incorporated and changes required to it from time to time, the discussions were very informative and recommendations were spot on. We liked the proactive approach and quick turn around time once decisions were taken. Great experience overall and we are sure to be working with them on a regular basis."

  • InPrived is everything your networks need


    We find your company's niche offering to cater to a unique but global audience.


    Digital banking capabilities, together with merchant payment gateways 


    Receive advise on capital budgeting, cost of capital and what investors want to see


    Receive a shortlist of potential so that you can start engaging immediately.


    Join Startup and SME programs focused around networking and collaboration

    Intellectual property

    Protect your inventions and designs from Singapore and then the world


    Secure and hassle-free compliance allow you to focus on the important stuff.


    Resolve recruitment issues and leverage Singapore's professional networks


    Receive help when drafting contracts, agreements and other legal paperwork

  • Join us as partners

    Listen to a free 15-min webinar about the benefits of being a business partner