• Singapore | Physical Gold

    For Individuals who wants to own and hold physical and paper gold

    Leave aside gold related assets for yourself and family for generations to come

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    Own a Pte Ltd

    You own a Pte Ltd entity in Singapore to be used to hold and keep phyiscal and paper gold assets 

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    All compliance included

    We are responsible for all the compliance and governance under the Pte Ltd, including resolutions, AGM, AR and financial accounts.

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    Private trust company

    You keep the physical asset safely under a trustee-settlor-beneficiary arrangement, which you have full control over all the appointments.

  • Our most popular physical products

    1kg IPM bars

    1kg Investment-grade 9999-fine gold bar, only from LBMA certified refineries. The most simple product to own.

    500 gram PAMP bar

    500 gram PAMP Suisse cast bar. PAMP is one of the most turst brands of LBMA good-deliver refineries.

    100 gram .9999 fine

    100 grams (3.215oz) of .9999 fine gold. Individual bars in protective packaging.

  • Why Singapore as location to hold assets

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    0% capital gains

    Singapore charges no income tax on sales of shares, precious metals, properties, and other tangible or intangible assets in Singapore, but they become taxable when your primary purpose in buying and selling is to make profits.

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    No.1 physical property rights

    Singapore is ranked no.1 in the world by the International property rights index for protection and recognition of physical property

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    Preferred arbitration center

    Singapore is tied for first place with London as the top seat of arbitration in the world by international arbitration survey by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

  • All-in-one place to buy, own and store Gold products​ under a Holding Company

    Pte Ltd company

    • Ultimate beneficial owner
    • Resident director (trustee manager)
    • Settlor(s)
    • Beneficiary / Beneficiaries

    Hold your products

    • Vault receipt under holding company name
    • Certificate of ownership under holding company name
    • Brokerage account opened under holding company to own future and spot contracts
  • Meet our customers

    "Safe, secure and trustworthy"

    "We’ve been working with InProved for almost three years now, and the journey has been seamless."  

    Thomas Koh, Singapore

    "Helped me turn physical assets into income"

    "Introduced to InProved via LinkedIn close to a year ago and it's been smooth sailing ever since."


    Ali, Dubai

    "Trusted advisor and Consultant"

    "I trust InProved when I need help navigating challenges around wealth protection or income generation."


    Ali Ashfak, Bangladesh

  • It's simple to get started

    1. Tell us your investment objective and risk profile

    2. Hear our portfolio suggestions

    3. We'll acquire all assets and manage them for you under a trustee capacity

    4. We'll set up the ultiate beneficial ownership and beneficiary owner structures under a deed that you can keep for life

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  • So open a Gold holdco today

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