• What is included | Financial management

    Advisory to receive new funds

    We help you plan to receive fresh funds into your project without you needing to hire a CFO

  • Advice on cost of funds

    Understand equity, debt, and mezzanine options to fulfill a capital budgeting project.

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    Capital budgeting planning

    The planning process to determine your company’s long-term investments such as overseas expansion, new technology, new capabilities, and research development projects that are worth pursuing.

  • Ideal market positioning​

    Position your company to be received favorably by investors and stakeholders by giving them the business that they want to see.

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  • What real customers are saying about InProved

    It is splendid working with InProved. From the consulting stage to actually getting the company incorporated and changes required to it from time to time, the discussions were very informative and recommendations were spot on. We liked the proactive approach and quick turn around time once decisions were taken. Great experience overall and we are sure to be working with them on a regular basis.

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  • InProved is everything you need


    We find your company's niche offering to cater to a unique audience.


    Digital banking capabilities, together with merchant payment gateways 


    Receive advise on capital budgeting, cost of capital and what investors want to see


    Receive a shortlist of potential investors so that you can start engaging immediately.


    Join professional networking programs focused around networking and collaboration

    Intangible assets

    Protect your use rights from Singapore and then license it to the world


    Hassle-free compliance allow you to focus on the important stuff.


    Resolve specialised expertise issues and leverage mining and investor QP networks


    Receive help when drafting contracts, agreements and other legal paperwork

  • Why choose us​

    2,000 +​


    Helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into
    businesses over 2,000 times over 8 years

    2,000,000 +

    SGD raised

    Helping businesses navigate the Singapore system and raising > SGD 2mil during the past 3 years

    1,000 +


    Providing access to our independent
    network of corporate advisors over 1,000 times over 3 years
  • It is risk-free to start

    Speak to us about starting at zero-risk to you