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    In the simplest sense, a blockchain is a ledger that cryptographically signs and secures transaction records. The technology can be utilised for payments, securities issuance, contract automation and data transfers of all types.

  • In a fundamental way, this disruptive technology will change how companies operate. Major companies have launched blockchain initiatives to track transport of commodities from producer to trader to consumer and create smart contracts that execute provisions automatically using workflow and scanning technology.

    Blockchain basics

    Blockchain offers operational efficiencies and cost reductions, as it means interacting with partners, investors, vendors and customers directly. It enables collaboration where trust has not been established.

    Technology and data

    When you leverage technology and data to achieve business goals, you introduce risks alongside opportunities. We help you find the balance and offer insight to implement your technology with confidence.

    Cryptocurrency and digital assets

    Cryptocurrencies are a new asset class with a volatility and global availability that excites the investment community. Companies are using cryptocurrencies to raise funds.

  • How blockchain works

    Blockchain allows the contract for asset transfer to be embedded in the transaction database. Once a contract is validated and deployed, its execution is guaranteed. All transactions against the ledger require consensus across the network, where the provenance of information is not subject to misinterpretation and accessible to all participants. Transactions cannot be changed and are final

    How blockchain works: to see these concepts in action, watch the blockchain demonstration video youtu.be/F0P7NM7d-ps. Source: Financial Times.

    Transaction terminology


    The system of record for a business. It can have multiple ledgers for multiple business networks in which they participate.


    An asset transfer onto or off the ledger.


    Conditions under which a transfer can occur.

  • Tenents of blockchain

    Shared ledger

    Append-only distributed system of record shared across business network

    Smart contract

    Business terms are embedded in transaction database and executed with transactions


    Ensuring appropriate visibility; transactions are secure, authenticated and verifiable


    All parties agree to network-verified transaction
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    We use design-based principles that enable business transformation at the level of markets, industries and ecosystems. We guide clients through pillar phases of the journey to reach outcome-driven network design.

    • Governance design

    • Business value design

    • Technology design

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