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    About Us

    Since 1983, we've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs perform industry-standard valuation services to understand what their projects are worth. We are here to help you understand what yours is worth.

  • Hello, we’re InProved

    And we help you build extractive-industry businesses on-demand.

    We are for the many. The many people determined to succeed, the goals that motivate them, the loved ones who inspire them.

    We are for technology that makes it easy, corporate advisors, accountants, legal professionals, management consultants and other collaborators who make building businesses seem effortless, and trusted partners who make the next hurdle feel like less of a leap.

    We are for opening doors to the natural resources industries, and opening eyes to what's possible. We are for empowering people to take the first step and every step after. We are for making sure everybody gets a fair shot.

    For the many people who want to start a natural resources business properly, for the many families who depend on them, for the many ideas they need to protect, for the strategies that need to be implemented, we are InProved. And we are here to make it all happen whenever you want it.  
  • Why choose us​

    1,800 +​


    Helping people turn projects into
    businesses over 1,800 times over 35 years

    5000,000,000 +

    SGD earned 

    Helping projects generate SGD 5bil in bottom line growth opportunities since 1983



    Working on over 8,000 projects and over 60 commodities, we have seen most challenges and have created a smarter data-driven solution that underpins each report we do
  • Our story​

    In 2016, we established ourselves as a global consultancy dedicated to helping governments and entrepreneurs form their countries progress their O&G and M&M projects. With that mission in mind, we launched other capabilities, including blockchain, valuations, company formations and fund administrations.

    Soon, word began to spread: there is a reliable provider that provides a less expensive way to get projects done.

    In 2020, after a decade of growing our services, we innovated, and created an independent network of mineral advisors (whom we call "collaborators"), so our customers (whom we call "creators"), could get their natural resource businesses built on-demand, without having to leave home.

    At our core we answer four key needs: innovate, evaluate, develop and improve. Our develop capabilities have delivered more than $5 billion in bottom-line growth opportunities. With 8,000+ projects and 1,800+ clients in 111+ countries, our consortium has seen most challenges. And chances are, it has created a smarter solution to solve them aided by smart data systems. 
  • The values that guide us​

    Business first

    We are all about building natural resource businesses - both M&M and O&G - and we are committed to seeing each of our businesses sustain and succeed. 


    We think big and work tirelessly to deliver the best experience for creators - and the best environment for collaborators.


    We're united by our mission to build the systems that drives businesses, and we strive to improve people's lives in everything we do.

  • Making it official for everyone​

    We believe anyone in the world can own a business in natural resources if they have access to their use rights - regardless of who they are, who they love, the colour of their skin, or their economic status. We believe the same people should be able to access other people and tools to help build that natural resource business, without even learning or asking how.

    We strive to support the broader business community and general public through our social impact efforts. To do so, we're building lasting professional partnerships to help lift up underserved and underrepresented communities, often excluded by the traditional corporate and legal system. 
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