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    Since 2016, we have helped hundreds of people form, manage and protect their assets. We're here to help you.

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    Huan is managing director of InProved and oversees the finance, operations and partnership programs of InProved and works closely with suppliers and dealers of bullion products. He started his investment career at Morgan Stanley headquarters in Singapore where his experience included work with financial analyst of REITS products.


    In September 2016, he started InProved in Singapore as a place to hold wealth securely through diversification in risk-averse products such as gold. His passion for safe and secure investment products led him to start InProved, among other similar business, in order to preserve his financial legacy for his family.


    Huan is also a chartered mining professional (MAusIMM), chartered engineer (IEAUST), chartered governance professional (CSIS) and an MBA-holder from Asia’s top business school (HKUST). He started his investment journey straight out of University, dabbling into Junior Mining stocks before moving to safe and secure investment products. Huan has and is still sitting on the board of several mining companies such as Ison Mining and is familiar with the production lifecycle of commodities including gold. Huan regularly publishes about using Singapore as a safehaven to preserve and grow wealth.


    Besides caring for his family, Huan enjoys running, financial analysis and trading.

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    Hugo is executive director of InProved and oversees the growth & development of InProved, working closely with high net worth investors and institutional clients. He started his investment career at Societe generale CIB headquarters in France, as an equity research analyst, then moved to the USA as a junior portfolio manager and founded few years later his first small scale mining company in Brazil in the state of Rondônia.


    In September 2016, he joined InProved as a physical and derivatives trader in Singapore to continue his passion for bridging cultures, wealth preservation, safe and sound money.


    Hugo is passionate about not chasing after hypes. He offers tailored solutions specific to the customer’s risk profile during uncertain economic times.. Using both technical and fundamental analysis, Hugo works closely with his clients to not only build a position but also form an exit strategy when his trade ultimately reaches the certain critical touchpoints.


    Hugo publishes constantly on his social media profiles about precious metals trends, included derivatives market, traders’ sentiment, and positioning analysis. He is a student of the French Liberal School of economic thought, including a strong critique of current monetary policy and the central banking system. A graduate of the Institut Superieur du commerce de Paris, Hugo also holds a masters degree in financial markets and has a FINRA Series 7 license. When he is not at his trading desk, he enjoys running, diving, and travelling.


  • And we help you to keep gold under your own holding company safely and securely from Singapore.

    We are for the many. The many people determined to keep aside for themselves or their loved ones.

    We are portfolio managers. That means we manage our own portfolios in an extremely conservative manner and want to show you simple and low volatile ways where you can profit in the long run.
    We are licensed precious metals dealers. That means we are licensed by MinLaw in Singapore to buy and sell precious metais for our clients.
    We are also licensed formation specialists. That means we can legally create holding company structures for the benefit of members (shareholders) and ultimate beneficial owners (your beneficiaries).
    The company is set up by myself (Huan Johnson Koh) and Hugo Pascal, who is an influential figure in the precious metals space. So together we target a small group (<50 at a time) of professionals who would want to set aside gold for their families.
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  • The values that guide us​

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    Always corporate

    We are all about building holding structures only. We are committed to seeing each of our holdcos sustain and succeed.

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    Always conservative

    We do not chase after FOMO but rather enjoy JOMO. We regliously take proactive efforts to minimuse up and downside exposures to protect wealth.

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    Fulfils objectives

    We're united by our mission to build holdcos that fits risk profiles and fulfils objectives. We are completely hassle-free and do not affect people's lives in anything we do.

  • Why choose us​

    2,000 +​


    Helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into
    businesses over 2,000 times over 8 years

    2,000,000 +

    SGD raised 

    Helping businesses navigate the Singapore system and raising > SGD 2mil during the past 3 years

    1,000 +


    Providing access to our independent
    network of corporate advisors over 1,000 times over 3 years
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    Making it official for everyone​

    We believe anyone in the world should own a holding company for their families We believe the same people should be able to access all asset classes efficiently, without even learning or asking how.
    Our personal situations have made us understand the importance of preserving wealth for generations to come. We want to help others in the world use safe jurisdictions like Singapore to keep assets securely, regardless of who they are, who they love, the colour of their skin, or their economic status. of their nationalities.
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