• Financing is easier

    For Industrial Manufacturers

  • How Can bonds Work for you

    Raise Significant Capital

    Lower cost of capital

    Institutional Investors

    Financial Risks Mitigated

    Technical Risks Mitigated

    Substantial Tax Benefits

  • Asset-backed Financing

    This type of financing requires some equity (asset-backed) on the balance sheet, as a bond financing purely based on 100% debt will be impossible to market.


    InProved will arrange the asset to be vested to the Holding entity, the current owner of the business, and the asset-owner, will vest in their businesses to become part of the new Holding structure, which will be worth a substantial amount on paper.

  • IPO Bonds

    we always list the bonds on an exchange, where investors can freely trade the bonds. Unlisted bonds are difficult to market to potential investors. Once listed on an exchange, the bonds will become fully marginable.

  • Access Niche Institutional Investors

    Investors are located in countries which we probably have not heard before i.e Guernsey, British Virgin Islands, Malta, Andorra.


    Insuring the bonds against default of principal and interest allows the bond holders to regard the bonds as investment-grade paper.

  • InProved Bond Program


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