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Two types of intelligent display advertising

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By now, every Investor Relations Professional has at least heard of programmatic. It’s been one of the fastest growing segments of digital advertising – quickly claiming a major share of businesses marketing budgets because of its efficiency, flexibility and scalability.

"There have been reports of accounts gaining increased in conversions of over 500% after moving to programmatic advertising." says John Lincoln of Ignite Visibility.

However, the programmatic market has been reserved to larger brands and budgets. While we believe it’s the small and mid-enterprise businesses (SMEs) who could gain the most from embracing programmatic advertising.

Commonly SMEs are working with channels such as Google AdWords. This is great and covers a big chunk of the digital advertising funnel. However search is often saturated, and click prices have risen due to increased competition. Display advertising is the new frontier.

Traditionally display have been known to use the “spray and pray” method, advertiser selects a couple of publisher websites to advertise on but have little idea who the audience is. This is no longer the case. Programmatic advertising finds your target audience based on your own conversion data, and shows ads those that are most likely to buy your product or service.

By embracing programmatic advertising SMEs get’s unprecedented reach in scalable digital channels that has been proven to help reach new customers from intelligent prospecting and retargeting.

Two Types of Intelligent Display Advertising

Prospecting is when a programmatic solution collects data and develops an understanding of a business’s target audience, and match these learnings and patterns with the online-population of consumers, to deliver the right ads, at the right time, to the right users who are most likely to convert into new customers.

Retargeting uses technology that collects data and observes behaviour of users that have already visited a business’s website, sending ads to people that might be slipping away, e.g. clicks a url, then leaves.

Retargeting is a very cost-efficient channel, and directs the media-spend to consumers who have already shown interest in your company, and have a high chance of converting. This is a “must” to all small-medium market cap businesses.

The entire programmatic media landscape has been increasingly focused on securing big brand budgets, and the SMEs has been left out – something that we at InProved believe is unfair, and want to change.

Book a meeting to speak to one of our consultants, we’re here to help you embrace programmatic advertising and start driving more investors to grow your business!

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