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This will show you why "likes" and "Retweets" are priceless

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The effectiveness of Online advertising and Social Media is a mystery to many. For listed-companies who cannot sell stock outright, how do they measure the ROI spent on such channels when the result doesn't directly co-relate to confirmed purchases and invested capital?

First-off, are you sure that Public CEOs today must use online Ads and SM as outreach channels? Here are 2 quotes from 2 people magnets.

Effectiveness is measured by people touting you on Social Media and other Online Channels. The more quality eyeballs that you can get to your stories and content, the more Magic that can happen. Here are some Magic that we have created during the course of a few months helping our clients.

Fig 1: Priceless feedback from one of our client's influencers

Fig 2: Mentioned by one of the largest Sector funds in the World

Fig 3: Mentioned by private investors

Fig 4: Noted by a publisher and communicator

Fig 5: More views of company content than any investor meeting

Fig 6: We have put companies in China

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