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Lithium Explorer Attained Long-Term Shareholders With Inproved

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An un-named Lithium Explorer, listed on the TSX Ventures Exchange, with assets in Ontario and Alberta, needed to gain long-term shareholders and keep existing ones informed.

They used InProved to create social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WeChat and Weibo, to strike meaningful interactions with followers and keep audience informed about their drilling activities.

InProved helped us gained 123,000 views across all channels just within the first month. Our best performing posts include 25,000 for one Twitter Post, 13,500 for one Facebook Post, 2,500 for one Linkedin Post. Results are remarkable and helped us kept our existing shareholders, as evidenced from our Chart, whilst intrinsically gaining more potential shareholders.

InProved helped this Lithium Miner with all social media posts and even created new media posts including tables, charts and 2x videos, each of them attaining the status of being the most viewed content for that week and month.

The number of people dumping stock has from an average of 200,000 during down-days to less than 50,000 during days when stock was done. Price decline was steady at 20% compared to almost 40% during non-campaign periods.

InProved helped the company to gain 2x sell-side coverages, distributed to over 4,000 buy side analysts and managers.

The company also gained 40 followers on their WeChat account during this period, including 1 from Ganfeng Lithium and 2x potential PP subscribers for their next raise.

Social Media has inexplicably increased our brand image whilst keeping our existing shareholders engaged. The best-performing posts across our social media channels are the ones specifically about the Company's drilling activities, as compared to general industry news which don't get as much eyeballs. This is phenomenal results that shows audiences are interested in what we have to tell them, and we will keep doing so using Social Media.

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