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CNPP announces Voting Results of Top Ten Lithium Battery Brands

2017-2018 - CNPP has announced poll results from the latest lithium battery brand list , including top ten Lithium battery brands, the list collected more than 95 lithium battery industry brand information and 47,177 netizens votes.

What's included in the report are, a comprehensive analysis of the Brand awareness of lithium Battery Makers, the number of employees, the size of the enterprise assets and operating conditions, and other financial strength data, for an English translated version of the report, please contact the author.

Lithium battery brand report include:

  • Top 35 Lithium Battery Brands in Guangdong Province
  • Top 21 Lithium Battery Brands in Shenzhen
  • Top 8 Lithium Battery Brands in Zhejiang Province
  • Top 10 lithium battery brands domestically
  • Top Trademarks recognised in the industry
  • Top Lithium Battery Brands in other provinces 
  • Best Practise for IP protection of lithium batteries
  • Top lithium battery high-tech enterprises
  • Top lithium battery listed companies
  • 500 lithium battery enterprises, 
  • All lithium battery SMEs
  • Many other brands information


Lithium battery voting information results: A total 47,182 votes were casted on 95 brands. BYD IT received the most votes (6923), while Lishen Lisheng was second (6260), Panasonic came third (6219), while New energy ATL was ranked among the top four (4509). The following table list the results. Reach out below for a detailed translated copy of the report.

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