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Power Metals is fortunate to have optioned Gullwing-Tot Lakes

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Power Metals Corp VP for Exploration, Dr Julie Selway insists that PWM.V is extremely fortunate to have optioned Gulliwing-Tot Lakes Property.

A Spring Mapping program is currently being planned to happen on Gullwing-Tot Lakes Property, the third Lithium Property owned by Power Metals Corp after Case Lake and Paterson Lake, located 30 km northeast of Dryden, Ontario.

Dr Selway believes Gullwing-Tot Lakes has an extraordinary abundance of large pink spodumene crystals exposed on surface.

"I consider this property to be a sleeping giant as there is significant exploration potential for a substantial lithium and tantalum discovery." said Dr Selway. "The last drill program on the property was 3 drill holes in 1978."

Property has been underexplored with limited historic drill programs not looking for lithium even though spodumene is present in the drill core.

  • Guillwing pegmtite contains two lithium minerals, spodumene and lepidolite
  • The Tot Lake pegmatite contains spodumene blades up to 38 cm long and make up to 78 vol% of the spodumene-rich zone.
  • Tot Lake pegmatite is one of the five pollucite-bearing pegmatites in Ontario.
  • Tot Lake pegmatite has three potential commodities: lithium (Li), tantalum (Ta) and pollucite (Cs).

"We are extremely fortunate to be able to conduct additional exploration programs on these 2 exceptional properties while we are doing our large scale 15,000 m drill program at our flagship Case Lake Property." added Dr Selway.

The Gullwing Lake pegmatite is also referred to as the “Sleeping Giant”. The “Sleeping Giant” pegmatite dyke is the largest dyke on the Property and it is 425 m long and 30 to 60 m wide. In addition to spodumene (up to 1.0 m long), the Gullwing Lake pegmatite also contains lepidolite (Li mica) with up to 2.7 % Rb2O and 1.1 % Cs2O (OGS OFR 6099, 2003).

Evidence of spodumene

Tot Lake pegmatite is characterized by the abundance of coarse-grained pink spodumene blades and is one of the five pollucite-bearing pegmatites in Ontario (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Pink spodumene blades, white pollucite and green muscovite from Tot Lake pegmatite pollucite zone (OGS OFR 6224, 2008).

Randomly oriented pink spodumene blades are up to 1 by 14 by 38 cm in size in the pegmatite (Figure 2) (Breaks and Janes, 1991). Spodumene comprises of up to 78 vol% of the spodumene-rich pegmatite zone (Breaks and Janes, 1991).

Figure 2 Large pink spodumene blades in Tot Lake pegmatite (Breaks and Janes, 1991).

The Gullwing Lake pegmatite contains spodumene-columbite-beryl-molybdenite whereas the Tot Lake contains spodumene-pollucite-beryl-tantalite.

Therefore, the Gullwing Lake pegmatite has one commodity: lithium (Li) whereas the Tot Lake pegmatite has three potential commodities: lithium (Li), tantalum (Ta) and pollucite (Cs).

Multiple molybdenite pegmatite dykes also occur on the Property. In addition to Gullwing and Tot Lakes pegmatites, the Property also contains: Pegmatite 30-17-1, Coates pegmatite, Mica Point pegmatitic granite and Drope township pegmatites.

The Gullwing-Tot Lake pegmatite group is hosted by mafic metavolcanics rocks which envelop the Lateral Lake tonalite stock (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Gullwing-Tot Lakes Property geology and pegmatite occurrences

Optioned because Pegmatites are sighted and very limited drilling done

Power Metals Gullwing-Tot Lakes property consists of 10 mineral claims, 103 claim units and 1648 ha within the Drope and Webb townships. The Property is approximately 10.5 km x 2 km in size. Power Metals optioned the Gullwing-Tot Lakes property in 2017 because the Property has spodumene pegmatites on the surface, but very limited drilling has been completed on the Property.

A preliminary review of the historic geological data on the property indicates that the most recent drilling on the Gullwing Lake pegmatite was by Soltaire Minerals in 2007. They completed 7 diamond drill holes totaling 717 m designed to test the Gullwing Lake pegmatite for rubidium and cesium.

The most recent drilling on Tot Lake pegmatite was by Tantalum Mining Corporation (Tanco) in 1978. They drilled 3 drill holes totaling 156 m to test the Tot Lake pegmatite for tantalum and tin.

About Gullwing-Tot Lakes Property

Gullwing-Tot Lakes Property is located in Drope and Webb townships, 30 km northeast of Dryden, NW Ontario with excellent road access. Gullwing and Tot Lakes pegmatites contain spodumene. The Property was optioned from Exiro Minerals Corp. in 2017 (Power Metals press release dated April 20, 2017). The Property is located 5.5 km northeast of the Mavis Lake spodumene pegmatite field. Power Metals has an 80% interest with its 20% working interest partner MGX Minerals Inc.

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