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Social Media Boosts Iron Road's Outreach To 130,000 Views Per Month

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Iron Road Ltd. is an iron ore developer with Australia’s largest measured magnetite resource – 4.5 billion tonnes – on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.

However, even with that enormous amount of iron ore, which is expected to take 20 to 30 years to mine, the company struggled to get regular coverage in the traditional press.

Our Partner built Iron Road’s Twitter followers to more than 4,400 investors, brokers, analysts and even business journalists among others. They included metals writers at the Wall Street Journal and business journalists at Bloomberg, The Australian and Fairfax.

Those followers value the content so much that they sent Iron Road’s tweets to more than 130,000 a month.

Social media really proved its worth for Iron Road at an investor conference. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on flights and accommodation in Sydney for 3 executives plus conference fees, a disappointing number of investors attended the conference.

When Iron Road presented to the conference, only 120 investors were actually in the room. However, on LinkedIn, the presentation went to almost 5,000 people within a couple of days.

Iron Road completed an $11.5 million raising to begin acquiring land and funding its definitive feasibility study 6 months after it began its Twitter campaign. It has since raised another $40 million and $51 million is separate tranches.

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