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InProved is running 2 Promotions starting May 2018

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InProved is a full-service company capable to distribute investor content to Energy and Mining Investors across English and Mandarin speaking markets.

Our strength lies in distribution because Founder and Creator of InProved is a Programmatic Advertising Specialist while InProved's Brand Communications Director is a Social Media Expert.

We have worked for several TSX and ASX Companies throughout our years in the Investor Relations Industry, namely;

  • Tomagold Corp
  • Power Metals Corp
  • Iconic Minerals
  • Canarc Gold Corp
  • Deepmarkit
  • Atlas Cloud
  • Clear Blue Technologies

Why we are better than any of the PR/IR firms that you have engaged now and before;

  • Reduced cost of Sending Press Releases out to Newswires and Sedar
  • Personalised Distribution of Investment Material to a continuously expanding investor base
  • Holistic and Iterative Distribution of News Updates on Social Media and Online Channels

Traditionally, newswires send out Press releases to the major websites like Reuters and Yahoo Finance. What happens after are;

  • Article gets viewed by a random person who happen to chance upon the webpage
  • SEO done on the page by Yahoo and Reuters are not sufficient. (Google "lithium investment and see how many pages on the first page are from Yahoo and Reuters.)
  • Article gets lost and crowded out by thousands of articles that newswires distributed daily
So Companies do not get the MROI from spending on traditional newswires, but it is still a requirement under only the TSX Company Manual (Sec. 907, Sec. 910)

Which is fine but we are advocating Companies to pursue more electronic dissemination of news and updates. TSX has a policy for Electronic Communications which we are clear on, and which we have followed the bulk of it in our own Electronic Communications Policy.

So what does InProved do exactly?

  • Outreach to audience segments (including US and Canada)
  • Personal connections with investors
  • Timely disclosures (partnering with the above vendors)
  • Remarketing (across Social Media and other online channels inc Email)
  • Company coverages (to our own network of investors)
  • Targeted distribution (to corporates whom are potential partners)
  • Roadshows, Investor Days and 1-1 Meetings 

What are the 2 Promotions?

No question about it, we are new. But we are good. And that's why we are running 2 Promotions that will have companies to sample our services at little to no cost.

1. We partner with in-country financial advisors to bring you feedbacks from the largest Corporates in Asia inc China. If you have been following Asian Metal and Twitter, you will see that many companies in China have or are already operating in Metals contributing to Power. If you operate in that space, we can send your report (in Mandarin) out to 10-20 companies to get their direct feedback about the likelihood of working with you.

2. "Likes" and "Retweets" are priceless. So are opt-in followers, linkedin connections, newsletter subscribers. The friends of these people are even more valuable. So what we do is to distribute content to the people who will most likely enjoy it at a time and channel most relevant to them. Programmatic Advertising and Social Media has changed the landscape for Marketing and Branding and will continue to do so. We expect everyone to know the power of Programmatic Advertising online and on social media and we want you to enjoy the effects brought by this powerful technology.

Our free trial covers 1) Content, 2) Distribution, 3) Engagement. See the effects today.

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