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Altech Chemicals Uses Social Media Which Resulted With $2mil Equity Financing

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Altech Chemicals Limited is an embryonic maker of high-purity alumina for use in lithium-ion batteries and in super tough, unscratchable glass for smartphones.

It had assembled a team with the necessary expertise, secured land in Malaysia for a plant, and won support from the German government – but the media kept calling Altech a mining company.

Altech needed investors to know the company’s business model is plugged into growing markets such as unscratchable screens for phones and tablets, batteries for electric cars and homes, and LEDs for everywhere.

It needed them to know that before it raised funds with a placement to sophisticated investors and a share purchase plan for current shareholders.

Altech owns its own deposit of kaolin, the clay it intends to turn into high-margin 99.99% pure alumina.

However, the kaolin deposit coloured the media’s thinking. Instead of recognising that Altech’s ownership of the feedstock made its chemical processes cheaper, the media kept referring to it as a kaolin miner.

During the campaign our Partner amplified each of Altech’s ASX announcements on social media and engaged investors there with news about the mushrooming markets using 99.99% pure alumina.

The placement and share purchase plan raised just on $2 million for finalising the plant design and completing the project’s debt finance.

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