• Programmatic Offering for Investment Companies

    A new Cryptocurrency for Investments and Funds to buy into Targeted Audiences

  • What is inPro Offering

    Reach audiences at the right time, right place, right message, on all devices

    InPro is a world-first public relations, news release, investor relations service database rolled into a single ecosystem that rewards Listed Companies to use it and contribute to it.


    InPro will become a decentralised cryptocurrency that fuels the growth and adoption of the Double-click Bid Manager Platform among Listed Companies. C-Levels, B-Levels, IR and PR firms can use InPro to incentivise and reward Audiences in Investment Analysis situations to increase Brand Awareness, Influence Purchase Decisions, Monitor Stock Performance, and drive 1-1 audience engagements and loyalty. 

  • How InPro Works

    Developed and refined over many years, InPro will combine 76 Ad Exchanges, Private Marketplaces, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and Baidu to guarantee placements into specific audience segments instead of Ad inventory which doesn't go anywhere, to make PR/IR/Corp Dev smarter and more effective for Listcos.

    Find your audience

    Buy into Audience Segments and not Ad inventory

    Engage audience at scale

    Multiple targeting locations

    Across all devices

    Cost per impression

    Google and Baidu included

    Bumper Ads (coming soon)

    Extend your reach

    Expand content reach across 76 exchanges

    Using all new media content (Video)

    Access to UGC video inventory

    Retargeting across Content and Display

    Across all devices

    Flexible access to placements

    Different ways to buy into Audiences

    Open Auction

    Private Auction

    Preferred Deals

    Programmatic Guarantees

    Tag based

    Better Qualified Audience

    Data to target more audiences in the right context

    First-party Data (google, baidu)

    Third-party Data (Lotame, Exelate)

    Programmed retargeting and optimisation

    Only gets smarter as we go

  • Make the most of Third Party Data

  • Crypto Sale Timeline

  • Our Vision for InPro

    InPro aims to revolutionise the way we conduct PR, IR, issue news releases and conduct corporate development work, by offering Listed Companies the ability to engage existing audiences and reach new audiences at the right time, right place, right content, across devices, anytime.


    InPro enables Listed Companies to buy into specific audience segments for lower cost and higher ROI, rather than pay huge sums to Traditional Newswires, Public Relations Consultants, Media and Advertising intermediaries.

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    Using programmatic advertising features, this is a win for audiences because they get to see messages, that machines detect, which they may be interested in. It's a win for listed companies because they buy into guaranteed impressions from Specific Audience Segments, rather than Ad inventory which doesn't go anywhere when the content is published.


    InPro will become the currency for this innovative Adtech ecosystem. InPro will reward the audience directly for their attention and engagement instead of paying large sums to Sell-Side firms to set up meetings which are not always quality. As more and more listed companies discover the benefits, we expect InPro to evolve into a desirable, new mobile payment methodology for content placements into Specific Target Audiences.

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