InProved has worked successfully with project owners with a lot less resources than their larger peers. We believe that financing industrial projects must be looked at as a "sum of all parts". Putting the pieces together, structuring transactions to operate in a financially risk-free environment, and securing the finance for this environment, is what make InProved exists today.


    InProved is in the business of financing supply chains for Industrial Manufacturing. InProved structures equity and debt financing, leveraging debt capital markets and the trade finance systems in Singapore and Hong Kong, to realise projects from mine/asset to product. InProved provides corporate advisory services including DCF, proforma PL, BS and SCF, prospectus, risk management and company formations, in the capacity of lead arranger and co-sponsor, targeting debt capital markets in EU, Singapore, HKG and South Korea.


    InProved also participates on a consulting basis in the Corporate Governance and Administration of Public and Private companies involved in exploration and development of energy and natural resources; as well as realizing downstream capabilities in refining and sintering, improving their technology, processes, equipment and manpower.

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