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    InProved is an independent, privately-owned full-service sell-side servicing the global energy and resources industries. The company is new, but our partners are “old hands” with a wealth of experience in business development, transaction support, valuations and financial opinions and strategy consulting.




    Asia Pacific is slated to be the largest market for rock and aggregate products by 2020. With China spending 41.2 trillion in 2016 alone, coupled with rising demand for renewables in ASEAN, we are seeing a fundamental shift to Asia for demand of metal ores, aggregates and energy.




    At InProved, we believe in execution besides only give good advice. We must also act swiftly but responsibly, both in our business practices and in the ways we work with others to grow market share and address business challenges.


    Our corporate responsibility's is measured by our accountability towards our Client's growth objectives. We want to ensure Energy and Resource owners get more than the value from their investments in Sales and Marketing.

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    of Combined Investment

    Banking Experience


    Largest deal underwritten, int bonds at 3.375% maturing in 2022 for Shougang Grp


    Natural Resources Valuations completed


    Contacts of fund managers, analysts and journalists specific to Energy and Mining


    No. of AusIMM members in our team

  • Services

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    Sales and Business Development

    Advisory, Sales and BD, New Market Entry, Product Development, Permitting


    Preparation of market research studies, feasibility studies, business plans,

    financial modeling and ROI analysis services to help clients in making important decisions.

    This part of our service focuses on increasing the bottom line for our customers,

    through new market entry, sales and BD, proposals and tender origination,

    marketing and positioning, new product offerings and corporate communications.

    Strategic sourcing

    A key part of reducing operating expenses comes from savvy contract management and strategic sourcing


    We make the right cost cutting recommendations that improve supplier relationships.

    From data collection to implementation and ongoing monitoring, and includes

    solutions ranging from vendor consolidation, to digital enablement, to change management.

    Due Diligence Review and Technical recommendations

    Independent Review


    We perform internal and external technical reviews and audits to support

    continuous improvement, compliance obligations, and transactions.

    We can review projects at any stage of development, from early exploration

    through to mature operations. Our reviews can be desk top

    or site-based depending on your requirements.

    Competent Person recommendation

    Specialist Report and Public Reporting


    If you need a Competent/Qualified Person report, a technical assessment report,

    or an asset valuation prepared in accordance with international reporting standards/codes,

    we can assist. We understand SPE-PRMS, JORC and Valmin guidelines. We have in our team,

    QRRE and Mining Competent Persons. We can also undertake compliance

    checks of third-party reports prepared for stock/securities exchange release.

    Valuations and Forecasting

    Specialised in the valuation of Energy and Resources businesses for M&A, financial reporting, tax, business restructuring, dispute resolution and litigation purposes.


    Standard valuation approaches are, Income Approach, Market Approach,

    Asset Approach and Cost Approach — typically are applied in valuing

    companies in Mining and Oil and Gas industry.

    Equity research

    Specialised in research of Energy and Resource juniors listed on ASX, TSX, AIM and SGX. We know enough of them to be able to give an unbiased review of their intrinsic value.


    Want investment ideas on small caps and juniors? Get a tear sheet, a white paper

    or a full-blown equity research coverage done by one of our analysts

    who will tell you from top down what is good/bad about the company.

  • People & experience

    Coming together after working around the world!

    Head of Sales, China

    Matteo was the Director of the Board & Vice General Manager Industriale Spa Grou, where he successfully setup a Sino-Italian Joint Venture company in Hubei for Structural Products. With a register capital of RMB10M, he obtained a turnover of RMB18M managing sales and manufacturing activities.

    Qualified Persons Phosphate, CPEng

    Huan sits on the Board of 2 IPO companies and is a QP under SGX criteria. Currently he is an advisory to and investor of Miners on ASX, TSX and SGX. Huan has extensive experience in M&M across a broad range of functions, inc technical, corp dev and sales.

    Energy and Resource Valuations

    Peyvand is the founder of MVR, a proprietary tool developed to value the Enterprise value of explorers and producers. A corporate advisor for 16 years at PT Antam, Peyvand specialises in PM and Nickel valuations.

    Investment Analyst


    A 20-year veteran as an underground mining and drilling engineer, Ivan has extensive work experience on lead, zinc projects in Macedonia and Serbia. Ivan is proficient at developing Surpac models (for optimised mining plan), including one for Lece Gold Project owned by Lifestone Capital from Dubai, where the village of Medvedja depends on it for livelihood.

    Investment Analyst


    Exploration Geologist with over 24 years of experience in multi-commodities in Australia, West Africa, China and Southeast Asia. Specific experience in grass-roots exploration through to detailed feasibility studies, including recognition of geological factors that have lead to deposit upgrades and major resource delineation. Capable to work remotely in difficult conditions and pull field assistants together.

    Investment Manager


    Hugo Chan, CFA, HKU MBA

    Hugo is a 15-year veteran in the independent investment advisory sector in Hong Kong. A FSC-qualified broker who has extensive networks with fund houses and market makers in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Hugo is able to spot a deal from miles away. He is able to underwrite stocks and bonds on his own accord and is a qualified Certified Financial Advisor.

    Head of Structured Financing

    Hugo gained experience in investment banking working with Taurizon Capital and Societe Generale. An accomplished trader in base, precious and strategic metals, Hugo's passion for finance has driven him to be proficient in research and trading in the derivatives markets, as well complete understanding of how the capital markets work and how to value companies in the Energy and Resource sector. He has strong networks in Latin America and is now a Partner in a mining company producing Tantalum and Niobium. ​​​

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